Welcome to the Leaping Lagomorphs Software Page

Leaping Lagomorphs (Copyright 2013 Daniel Goldreich) is a convenient stand-alone freeware program that implements the Bayesian observer model described in the paper: Goldreich D, Tong J (2013) Prediction, postdiction, and perceptual length contraction: a Bayesian low-speed prior captures the cutaneous rabbit and related illusions. Frontiers in Psychology doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00221. The program was written by Daniel Goldreich using LabVIEW (Copyright 2013 National Instruments Corporation. All Rights Reserved). If you have questions or suggestions, please email goldrd@mcmaster.ca. To learn more about our lab's research, visit the lab website.

Leaping Lagomorphs for Macintosh (23MB download)
Download and enjoy Leaping Lagomorphs for Macintosh!
(After download, simply expand Leaping_Lagomorphs.zip to extract the application)

Leaping Lagomorphs for Windows (138MB download)
Download and enjoy Leaping Lagomorphs for Windows!
(After download, expand LL_Installer.zip, then open the file LL Installer: Volume: setup.exe in order to install the program)