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January 2010

  • Daphne Maurer is elected President-Elect of the International Society on Infant Studies

November 2009

  • Vickie Armstrong publishes an article in Vision Research on the development of sensitivity to motion from age three through adulthood.
  • Simon Jeon publishes a paper in a special issue of Journal of Vision on the efficiency of visual processing.
  • Lisa Betts gives a talk at the University of Glasgow on her research on the effect of aging on sensitivity to motion.
  • Laura Gibson gives a Cognition-Perception Seminar at McMaster about her research on the linking of space to ordinal sequences.
  • Ashna Patel passes her M.Sc. oral.

September 2009

  • Nicole Taylor publishes a paper in Neuropsychologia on the vulnerability of sensitivity to global motion, global form, and biological motion in preterm infants.
  • Gill Rhodes publishes a paper in the British Journal of Psychology on the effect of contact with another race on the ability to recognise faces of that race.
  • Terri Lewis publishes a review article in a special issue of Optometry and Vision Science dedicated to Velma Dobson.
  • Adélaïde de Heering joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow.
  • Daphne Maurer is elected a Fellow of the Association of Psychological Science.

August 2009

  • Josh Hamid wins an award for a poster at the NSERC Research Poster Competition in Vancouver, "Rising Stars of Research 2009." The poster describes his undergraduate thesis study of single letter and crowded acuity.
  • Ashna Patel passes her M.Sc. oral.

July 2009

  • Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko wins a prestigious Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship from NSERC.
  • Lisa Betts joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow.

June 2009

  • Mayu Nishimura publishes a paper in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology on children's mental representation of faces.
  • The BrainCPR network holds its fifth meeting at the Riken Brain Science Institute in Japan.
  • Daphne Maurer presents two talks at universities in Tokyo, one on the effects of experience on the development of face processing and one on the development of cross-modal perception and its relation to synaesthesia.

May 2009

  • Vickie Armstrong and Ferrinne Spector successfully defend their Ph.D. theses.
  • Ashna Patel, Bat-sheva Hadad, Simon Jeon, and Terri Lewis present posters at the meeting of the Vision Science Society.
  • Mark Vida joins the lab as a new graduate student with a prestigious NSERC graduate award.

April 2009

  • At the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Ferrinne Spector presents a poster on pre-school children with coloured grapheme synaesthesia, and during the Faces Preconference, Xiaoqing Gao presents a talk on the dimensions underlying the perception of facial expressions in children and adults.
  • Kathleen Lee and Jennifer Weeks begin working in the lab under the summer NSERC awards that they won.

March 2009

  • Ruben Stone Oller is born to Ferrinne Spector and Jonathan Oller.

February 2009

  • Mayu Nishimuru marries Tiger Tanaka in Japan.

January 2009

  • Ferrinne Spector publishes a paper in Developmental Psychology on how synesthesia can inform our understanding of the development of crossmodal perception.
  • Xiaoqing Gao publishes a paper in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology on developmental changes in sensitivity to subtle facial expressions.

November 2008

  • Josh Hamid and Terri Lewis give talks at the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience on the normal development of visual sensitivity, and Ashna Patel presents a poster on visual development.
  • Daphne Maurer leads a BrainCPR workshop on stroke recovery and its implications for understanding developmental changes in brain plasticity. The proceedings will be published by Developmental Psychobiology.
  • Daphne Maurer gives a public lecture on understanding the perspectives of research subjects, and she co-facilitates a one-day workshop on research ethics, as part of Encounters in Bioethics 2008-2009, Thunder Bay.

October 2008

  • Phil Cooper publishes a paper in Perception on the effect of short-term training in the lab on subsequent judgments of facial attaractiveness.
  • Cathy Mondloch publishes a paper in Perception on the effect of orientation on the holistic processing of faces.

September 2008

  • Laura Gibson joins the lab as a graduate student studying the development of spatial-frequency channels.
  • Daphne Maurer organizes the 7th annual conference of the American Synesthesia Association. She also give an introduction to synaesthesia at a public lecture/performance entitled "A Colourful Appetite for Music: How the Brain Connects Music to Colour and Pleasure"

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