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The lab runs a cluster of Macintosh computers, all configured alike. All files are stored on a central server named <maurerserv>. When using the cluster, any preferences you set on one computer will follow you to every other.

Individual programs on these computers may crash from time to time but the operating system should never crash. If an individual program freezes, you ought to be able to force that one program to quit. Use Command/Option/Escape, or hold down the Option key and click on an icon in the Dock. If everything freezes, probably something is screwed up in the network or in a peripheral device. Before you restart the computer, wait a few minutes, to give the system time to fix itself. If this happens more than very occasionally, tell Charlie about it. If the computer ever freezes and informs you that it it needs to restart, that is a "kernel panic", a crash of the operating system. This should never happen. If it ever does, restart the computer then e-mail Charlie with the name of the machine and details of what you were doing.

Each person in the lab has an individual account on <maurerserv>. Each person is to use his or her account. Do not use or ask to use anybody else's account and do not allow anyone else to use yours. Within the lab this stricture extends even to Daphne and Terri. Outside the lab this stricture extends even to the people you are living with. No one but you is permitted to use your <maurerserv> account.

To obtain an account, read the page on Security, including one of the links on passwords, then send an e-mail to Daphne. This e-mail should include your full name, a short form of your full name to serve as your username, a mention of your role in the lab (e.g., work-study student, Terri's thesis student), and a paragraph explaining how you think vandals are most likely to gain access to a lab's computers.

If you have not used Macintoshes and are coming from a Windows environment, this web page will help to orient you. Read the computer pages on the lab's web site to find out what applications to use.

If you find yourself using an application that is not licensed, tell Daphne or Charlie the name of the application, your username, and the computer you are working on.

All members of the lab are listed on the People page. If you would like your name to link to your home page, send the URL to Charlie. If you would like your photo on a page of snapshots, send him the photo.


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