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Carling Baxter  (PhD student)

I am interested in the many functions of aggression, and how different forms of aggression relate to one another. I use fruit flies as a model for studying aggression in both males and females. Recently I have been focusing on male aggression towards females via forced copulations. I hope to gain a better understanding of what differs between male flies that perform forced copulations versus those that do not.











Andrew Scott (PhD student)

I use fruit flies as a model system for studying the genetic and ecological determinants of sociability across various life stages.












David Filice (PhD student)

I am interested in understanding how phenotypic plasticity mediated by various experiences, genotypes, and their interactions can influence the reproductive outcomes of sexual conflict. Currently, I am studying how differences in a male's competitive environment (number of rivals) can influence components of their mates' reproductive behaviours.










Liu Peng-Cheng (Visiting PhD student)

I am interested in behavioral ecology. Currently, I use fruit flies and parasitoids as model systems for studying aggression.











Joshua Hinds (PhD student)

My research will focus on understanding the evolutionary history of insect attraction to artificial light, as well as the exploitation of such attraction by predators.












Undergraduate students

We typically have about a dozen undergrad students in the lab, most of them conduct independent research within one of our main research areas.



Former postdocs & students

Kevin Abbott (postdoc 2014-16)

Joseph Mentlik (MSc 2016)

Blake Anderson (MSc 2015)

Shane Golden (MSc 2014)

Sebastain Schwarz  (Postdoc 2012-2013)

Zac Durisko  (PhD 2013)

Isvarya Venu  (MSc 2013)

Yaara Lancet (MSc 2011)

Corrine Seeley (MSc 2010)

Kevin Abbott (PhD 2009)

Sachin Sarin (MSc 2009)

Alex Lange (Postdoc 2008-9)

Lara Kujtan (MSc 2008)

Marie-Pierre Schippers (PhD in Biology, 2011)

Luca Bianco Prevot (MSc 2006)




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