Lab members

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Carling Baxter  (PhD student)

I am interested in the many functions of aggression, and how different forms of aggression relate to one another. I use fruit flies as a model for studying aggression in males and females under a variety of ecological conditions.













Andrew Scott (PhD student)

I use fruit flies as a model system for studying the genetic and ecological determinants of sociability across various life stages.












David Filice (PhD student)

I am interested in understanding how phenotypic plasticity mediated by various experiences, genotypes, and their interactions can influence the reproductive outcomes of sexual conflict. Currently, I am studying how differences in a male's competitive environment (number of rivals) can influence components of their mates' reproductive behaviours.










Meng Guo (Visiting PhD student)

I am interested in evolutionary biology. I'm currently conducting experiments on  perseverance in male fruit fly and its association with mating success. 











Joshua Hinds (PhD student)













Undergraduate students

We typically have about a dozen undergrad students in the lab, most of them conduct independent research within one of our main research areas.



Former postdocs & students

Kevin Abbott (postdoc 2014-16)

Joseph Mentlik (MSc 2016)

Blake Anderson (MSc 2015)

Shane Golden (MSc 2014)

Sebastain Schwarz  (Postdoc 2012-2013)

Zac Durisko  (PhD 2013)

Isvarya Venu  (MSc 2013)

Yaara Lancet (MSc 2011)

Corrine Seeley (MSc 2010)

Kevin Abbott (PhD 2009)

Sachin Sarin (MSc 2009)

Alex Lange (Postdoc 2008-9)

Lara Kujtan (MSc 2008)

Marie-Pierre Schippers (PhD in Biology, 2011)

Luca Bianco Prevot (MSc 2006)




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